(Video) This Couple’s First Moments Spent With Their Baby Pug Are Sooo Precious! Aww!

baby pug

Everyone loves a good homecoming video, especially one that involves a small, furry puppy. If you have a dog, then you know that those first few hours after you bring them home are ones full of exploration and utter adorableness. Your little furbaby does his best to become acclimated to his new home and that usually comes with plenty of smiles and laughs for us humans.

When my family first brought our new dog home, we let him into the backyard and ended up watching him almost instantly fall into the pool. Of course, we immediately ran to his rescue and fished him out safely. Even though we had only had him for less than an hour, it's still one of the cutest, most prominent memories I have of him.

You have to watch this couple as they navigate their home with a brand new family member: a baby pug named Nala. She's so entertaining to watch and if you're a dog owner, you can truly relate to the couple's feelings that day!

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