(Video) This Psycho Pug on a Trampoline Has Us Dying of Laughter. So. Much. Energy!! LOL!

crazy pug

What has four legs and a crazy face? Napoleon the Pug sure does! LOL! This funny pooch has got a lot of energy to burn on his trampoline! When you see how crazy he is on, you'll be laughing non-stop like us! LOL! Don't miss this energetic and psycho (we say that in fun) pup!

OMG! Didn't he just make you laugh so hard you cried?! Well, that's what definitely happened after we watched this funny pooch! Napoleon sure loves to go crazy on that trampoline of his! LOL!

Let's just say if you were tired I'm sure this Pug could give you a boost of his energy – wow!

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