(Video) This Pug is Making Funny Noises. How She Tells Mom She Can’t Work? Too Funny!

pino pug

All of us dog owners know that our pooches really love to cuddle. When they are in need of a good belly rub or some affectionate hugs, doggies will go to great lengths to make it happen.

So when this Pug finds that her mom is hard at work, she realized cuddle time wouldn't be possible! LOL!

However, this clever pup finds a way to tell her mom to stop working! You have to hear the funny sounds that she makes. It's almost like she's talking!

Will this hard working doggy mom listen to her pooch and take a work break? You should see what happens next!

Watch how one Pug decides to let her mom know that it's time to cuddle on the video on the next page!

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