[VIDEO] Watch a Puppy Grow Over the Course of Two Weeks and You Won’t Believe Your Eyes… WOW!

pomeranian mom with puppy

It's incredible to watch a puppy being born and then later watch them slowly grow into an adult. For many of us we don't even get to experience our puppy being born, let alone watching them during the first fourteen days of their life.

Thanks to this video, however, you can imagine how it would be to see your puppy from the moment she came out of her mom's womb to when she gets older. Watch a pomeranian puppy grow over the course of two weeks and you'll find yourself shedding a few tears — it really is a miracle as you see the pup change and become slightly more independent from mom.

Mom clearly loves her puppy so much and is making sure everything is going well for the pup. In time, the puppy will be on her own so until that point the mom is going to provide her with all the love in the world. It's heartwarming and beautiful to watch the two interact.

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