(Video) When an Overzealous Pug Needs Some Discipline, Watch How the Nanny Pug Calls the Shots!



Often times young children – and puppies! – get a little carried away. They run, jump, growl, leap, and while it might be fun for them it can be a little much for the adults around them! After all, there has to be a little down-time at one point or another.

An adult nanny-pug on the next page eyes her little charge and decides he probably needs to take some “time out” before he destroys the house and everyone in it. She wants to give him a little life lesson to the home's pug puppy. He is going to need to learn what is right and what is wrong – the consequences of bad behavior – sooner or later!

While she does her best we are not entirely certain the puppy was taking the lesson to heart. As a matter of fact, he appears to be giving as good as he got! Go on over and look at the hilarious yet somehow charming twosome and how their interaction may have become a miscommunication! LOL!

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