(VIDEO) When This Little One Ventures too Close to the Edge, Watch How the Frenchie Dad Keeps Her Safe…

frenchie dad and pup

It's true that puppies can be quite the handful and as they learn what is dangerous and what is not, they're bound to make a few mistakes.

Frech Bulldog parents Moxie and Angus have some little ones on the loose and it's up to them to keep their pups safe from harm's way (of course the human parents are closely watching over the pups too). The task seems difficult but the Daddy, in particular, handles it like a pro!

When a little pup is having a blast on the sofa her Dad decides to check up on her. After all, you don't want your little one to accidentally take a scary fall! It's a good thing that this Frenchie Dad keeps a close eye on her too because this little one is brave and it seems like nothing is phasing her!

At just three-weeks-old, Coco is a curious pooch and ventures too close to the edge of the sofa. Luckily Dad is there to rescue her — watch what he does to keep his little one safe after the break!

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