(VIDEO) You’ll Never Believe What Happens When a Pug Gets Pranked by a… Cat?!

pug pranked by cat

It's hard to believe when people say that cute and fluffy cats can be mean to dogs. Just watch this video and you'll change your minds, though! George the cat has a trick up his sleeve when it comes to his housemate, Banana the pug. George knows Banana's greatest weakness is food, and he uses it to his own advantage!

This hilarious prank will make you weary of cats next time you're around them! They're smart animals and can definitely outsmart even the smartest pups! LOL!

Not all cats are as slick as George, but it sure is entertaining to watch a good prank done right! You can't help but feel bad for Banana, though — he gets pranked big time!

Watch poor Banana the pug get pranked by George, the cat after the break!

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