Why This Owner Chose to Buy a Dog From a Breeder Instead of a Shelter

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When you are an outspoken and broad-minded person, an individual who advocates rescue dogs and have a couple of your own, people tend to think there will be no time in your life when you would sully such a reputation with a pure breed. RE: Buying a none mix puppy from a professional breeder.

It is not hypocrisy although some may see it that way. There are reasons for buying from a breeder and the dog lover over on the next page can easily explain why she did it. To us it seems odd that she should have to defend herself but, it seems, many feel she must – and she does.

Keep in mind, the two dogs she brought home before her Newfoundland pup were rescues: a Shepherd and a Border Collie mix. Oh, and there was also a Chihuahua who wasn’t a rescue but many think she was! LOL.

Go over and read her account of buying her Newfoundland from a dog breeder, to the chagrin of some!

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