6 Doggies That Look Like Cuddly Teddy Bears

polar doggy featured

Sometimes when we look at dogs we have to give them a second look just to make sure we are seeing what we think we are seeing. How often have we gazed at puppies that we thought were foxes or even skunks?! Sometimes the similarities are stunning!

Having said that, we also have a friend with a terrier-mix of some kind that looks like a raccoon! She remembered taking him to the vet and even he stood back and said: “Interesting.” Confirming it was a dog all right but what a very interesting looking dog! LOL!

With this in mind, on the next page, we have six (6) photos of doggies that look like little bears!

They are so precious, we could not help showing them and making the comparison! Go over and take a look. If this does not make you go: “Awww!” nothing will!

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