6 Reasons Why Humans and Dogs Are Meant to Be Together – #5 is My Favorite!

pug and human together

What makes humans and dogs such a great pair? Read below to find out!

1. They help children learn to read

There’s been a significant amount of evidence to show that children reading to their four-legged friends can have a beneficial impact on their literacy, development and confidence.

2. They read your emotion

If you have a dog, you may have felt that they can tell when you’re upset. They change, if they’re always over- excited and needy, they usually become notably calmer.

3. They are great running buddies

Unlike your friends, your dog is not going to cancel accompanying you for a jog around the park.

4. They’re so entertaining

If you have ever seen a dog chase a spider around the room or his own tail for hours, then you will understand this point. If you haven’t, you are missing out.

5. They’re great protectors

No burglar is going to get into a dog owners house without the whole street knowing about it.

6. Dogs make us social

Dogs are also a great way to meet people, any dog owner knows that it’s the easiest conversation starter.

It's clear to see how dogs and humans make a perfect pair. They really help us out without even knowing it! When no one else is around, it sure is great to know that we have a lovable pup that won't ever leave our side! Wow, now that's loyal!

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