7 Hilarious Reasons a Person’s Single Life is All Due to a Dog

mom hugging her pug

On the other hand, there are others that are perfectly happy having their doggie as their better half. And why not? They are always ready to kiss, they don’t talk back, and when we are feeling blue they are always there – ready to snuggle!

1. You’re perfectly okay with your dog being “the jealous type.”

bark at men

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2. Wedding night. 

wedding night dog

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3. But you don’t really care what people think. After all, you can’t do this to a human without getting slapped with a lawsuit.

don't care what others think

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4. All your friends are celebrating their anniversaries and you’re just like…

dog and girl bae

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5. Date night.

date night dog

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6. Besides, you and your dog have a good thing going. It’s probably best not to ruin it.

holding a dog's hand

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7. If a guy suddenly jumped up in your face, you’d probably punch him.

doggies eyes

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Recently we heard someone say: “The more I learn about people … the better I like my dog.”

It’s a funny statement but not altogether beyond the realm of reality! After all, they call Rover man’s (or woman’s) best friend for a reason. Betrayals by a dog to his or her master are very few and far between.

Would that we could say that as often when it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends! For more reasons why sometimes we'd just much rather be single due to our doggies, visit Barkpost.

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