(Video) Two Pugs Can’t Get to Their Food. Now Wait for a Crazy Doggie Fit to Happen!

two pugs waiting for food

When it's meal time, there's no hiding it from doggies. They will do just about anything to remind us that they're hungry, and they want to eat! LOL!

When these two hungry Pugs see that their dinner has been prepared and left up on the counter, they go absolutely bonkers!

You need to watch what happens when this owner finally feeds her pooches. LOL!

The craziness begins when these pups try to snag their food bowls from the kitchen counter. However, they're small stature makes it incredibly hard for them to complete their dinner mission!

When they don't get what they want? The craziest doggie fit happens!

Watch how these two hungry Pugs go crazy on the video when they don't get their food on the next page!

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