A Screaming Pug?! You Have to See This to Believe it

screaming pug

How does your pug respond when you briefly leave him in the car (hopefully not unattended) to run a quick errand? Does he sit quietly on your significant other's lap? Or does he start to whine, hoping you'll come back soon?

Most dogs do the latter, but rarely do you hear of a pug that screams when you leave him temporarily. Yes, that's right. There's a pug that screams when his owner leaves him in the car with his mom.

As if his life is bad…he has to throw a fit when his dad leaves him in the car! His pug brother isn't too happy either, but he doesn't scream nearly as much as his brother! This dad may want to think twice before leaving his pugs in the car again. They are NOT too happy about it!

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