(VIDEO) Watch One Pug Puppy as He Effortlessly Breaks a Yawning Record! LOL!

Pug Yawns

What makes us yawn? For a human, we might say fatigue. It makes perfect sense when we consider we do most of our yawning just before a nap or bedtime.

But, what about a dog? Certainly sleepiness is a part of what makes them yawn too. However, they do seem to do a lot of it. Experts say a dog will also yawn to demonstrate stress and, in some cases, because they are relaxed and happy!

In other words, there can be many reasons why a pup will yawn and over on the next page we have a beautiful Pug who has turned the act of yawning into art!

Watch as he tries for a world record of twenty-nine (29) yawns. It is not just funny but strangely impressive!

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