(VIDEO) When a Pug Hits the Jackpot Finding Treats, You’ll Never Guess How He Goes About Stealing Them… Too Funny!

pug finds treats

It's a lucky day for this sneaky Pug! He just hit the doggy treat jackpot! WOW, lucky him! LOL!

How is this possible? Well, when he wanders off into a pet store supply closet, he sniffs out some yummy treats. After digging through a box, this lucky Pug strikes it big!

However, his ever watchful mommy catches him right on time. Will he still be able to eat one of the many treat bags he has found? Will he get into trouble? You need to see this to find out!

I couldn't believe how slick this Pug tried to be. LOL! He's definitely has a nose for treasure hunting, that's for sure!

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