Friend Returns His Lost Pug, But When He Interacts With Her, She Seems Different

two pugs


When you’ve lost a dog there is nothing better than to get the call telling you that your best friend has been found and will be returned to you ASAP! Her name was Bella and she really was one of the most precious things in Luke Neville life. Later, when he got her home, you can just imagine the rejoicing!

Yet, there was something not quite right with his Bella. She was not acting her normal self. Maybe it could be attributed to those days away, living without her human Dad and not knowing her future?

No. It was more than that.

Sadly, the pug was not Bella. And, while grieving for the loss of his pug, Luke still had to find not-Bella’s real home. Joy returned when Bella really was finally returned to Luke but what about not-Bella. Was Luke now going to be the pet-Daddy to both pugs?

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