(Video) This Neglected Dog Used to be Tied to a Tree, But Look at Him Now

Tool abandoned dog

His name is Tool and he is merely another dog in the world, this time in Greece, who outlived his usefulness for one owner and was abandoned in the saddest of ways. Tool was left on a mountain, tied to a tree to either die or for someone to find.

Fortunately for Tool, he was rescued by the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union who managed to find he and another elderly but beautiful dog, Cosette, a home in no time!

Yet, it was Tool's journey – an ironic name if ever there was one – that touched the heart of Valia, the woman who found Tool and helped to nurse him physically and emotionally back to health.

On the next page we have a wonderful video, showing us the beginning – when Tool is initially rescued – to his happy ending.

It is a wonderfully sad yet life-affirming story and we simply could not resist showing it to you!

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