You’ll LOVE This Viral Video of Two Dogs… Hugging?! This Proves that Dogs Really Are BFF’s for Life!

dog friends

When it comes to friendship, dogs are known to be quite loyal and loving. They make friends with just about anyone or any other animal!

Did you know that dogs can actually have a BFF? Yes, they have best friends just like we do! At least, that's the case with these two adorable pups.

Meet Lottie the Collie and Grizzly the German Shepherd and these two are the stars of the latest doggy viral video! They'll show you just how much they love each other when they show one another some affection, and it's so adorable! After seeing how they interact together, I think you'll agree that they're the cutest and furriest best pals on the internet! LOL!

See how Lottie and Grizzly show their love for each other and watch the video after the break!

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