(Video) Itty Bitty Dachshund Puppy Has a Meltdown and Steals Our Hearts in the Process

cute doxie puppy

We all have our bad days here and there. It happens!

Our dogs are no different. Sometimes, they just seem overly temperamental, rambunctious or lethargic. They even have temper tantrums like human kids. After all, it's their only way of expressing to us their disapproval of something.

For example, my dog's temper tantrums seem to be centered around food. If you're preparing a meal and you keep eye contact with him for a millisecond too long, you're in trouble. His tail starts spinning around, his ears go back, his mouth opens the slightest bit and he emits this high-pitched squeal. My family and I joke that he's part seal because that's what he sounds like when he's zoned in on food.

For other dogs, they might be uncomfortable when you take them to the vet or delay their walk. While you brace yourself for the moment it begins, you have to admit that their tantrums are the most adorable kind.

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