(VIDEO) Demanding Frenchie is FED UP When His Owner Isn’t Petting Him. Now Watch Him Take Matters Into His Own Paws…

frenchie pug

Dogs absolutely LOVE it when we pet them. When we hit that spot, they are in totally doggy bliss! So it can be pretty understandable when a doggy gets a little upset if you suddenly stop petting him! LOL!

That's the case with this demanding Frenchie. He is just fed up with his owner! He wants him to keep petting him, but when there's a mother Frenchie in the picture, the competition can be fierce! LOL! But that won't stop him from trying to get what he wants… and the results are comical!

You need to stop what you're doing and watch this silly pooch take matters into his own paws! That's right; he's not giving up without a fight! LOL!

Watch who one Frenchie finds a way to make his owner continue to pet him on the next page!

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