(VIDEO) Fascinating French Bulldog Facts You Didn’t Know Until Now…

baby Frenchie

We find French Bulldogs so very fascinating! Initially, a French Bulldog may not be your first choice as a friendly canine pal but the more you watch them play, eat, and generally how harmonious they are with other pets and family members, the more you may come to love these little tough built dogs!

If you don't already love Frenchies already, that is!

Their snorts and the way they have such a huge head compared to their narrow hips and stout bodies make them seem slightly off center, but they are such fun, with those round curious eyes and bat-like ears… they are just super adorbs!

After the break take a look at this super-informative video about French Bulldogs. It will no doubt will confirm just how wonderful this breed is to their admirers and, if you are on the fence it may just tip you over into their camp!

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