(VIDEO) Precious Pug Pup is Falling Asleep. Now Watch Her Eyes as They Slowly Close… AWW!

coco the pug

When a precious puppy is tired, there's no stopping them from taking a nap wherever they find themselves. It's so adorable to watch them slowly and gently fall asleep! They look so peaceful and relaxed.

Well, get ready to meet Coco the black Pug! She is adorable in every way as well as completely exhausted! LOL!

Just watch her as she gets into the perfect position to sleep. Coco tries so hard to battle it, but she can't compete against the need for sleep!

This is one adorable Pug puppy that you need to see! It's so cute how her eyes slowly close before she naps!

Watch how Coco, the precious Pug puppy, is gently falling asleep on the next page! You'll want to curl up next to her and encourage her to fall asleep with you after you see this cutie!

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