(Video) Pug Stayed at a Doggy Hotel for 24 Hours. When Her Parents Pick Her Up? Keep an Eye on Her Face!


We know how it is. Sometimes you just have to leave home for an extended period of time and, if you do not have someone to look in on or walk your pooch, you have to take him or her to be boarded. It’s not always a happy thought. Sometimes you even discover a sort of separation anxiety that is far more prevalent in yourself than in Fido!

Still, if you have that convention to go to or that workplace seminar a couple states away, your dog will need to be taken care of. He may not like it and you may not either but it’s a given.

On the next page and beyond we have a great video and some precious photos of a pug who had to stay at a doggy hotel for around twenty-four hours. While it’s not as long a trip as some – try leaving your dog for two weeks while you are vacationing in the U.K.!  Oy! – it is still a significant amount of time apart for a fur baby and her master.

You have to check out the little sweetie’s reaction to seeing her Daddy’s return and pick up. It will sincerely bring a smile to your face!

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