(VIDEO) Pug Wants to Snuggle So Much She Won’t Let Dad off of the Couch

pug and owner snuggling

You know what it’s like. You’re lying in bed or on the sofa and you are in such a comfortable position, resting the rest of the contented, when someone suddenly wants you to get up and move. Your body and mind disagree; no, it is not going to happen. And, because you are an adult human you usually get your way.

Now, imagine a pampered Pug having your frame of mind. What’s more, imagine yourself with that pooch resting on top of you, snuggling, and not wanting to move. You’ve had your rest and it’s time to get up… but the dog has a different viewpoint.

What do you do? Get up anyway and prepare yourself for the disgruntled dog to follow or just lay there and hope the pooch will eventually want to get up, finally allowing you to move!

After the break, check out the poor pet parent who has this very problem!

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