(Video) Puppy Gets Introduced to a Giant Dog. What Happens Next? I’m Melting!

Puppy and Big Dog

When you are a puppy you need – NO! – you demand to have fun. Even if your big adopted sibling feels it is time to relax it does not matter. You may be little but you are loud! And that does not just mean barking. LOL!

If we are honest with ourselves we kind of think the bigger dog is tolerating his younger counterpart – but in the most charming way! It’s like any big brother that might have a tag-a-long little brother or sister who just will not go away. This puppy wants to play and since there is another dog present she feels a connection and feels it is time to do so!

And let’s give the older dog a little credit. Would you be so kind to a young one that barged into your rest time?

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