(VIDEO) This Dad Challenges His Pug to a Duel. What Happens Next? You Won’t Believe This Showdown!

pug duel

Sometimes it's so much fun to play with your Pug. Whether your Pug is playful for not, if you're determined enough I'm sure you know how to get your doggie in a playful mood!

Well, when a stubborn Pug goes head to head with his owner, there's no telling what can happen! LOL! In this case, when both a dog dad and his Pug like to challenge each other, anything can happen!

So when this dog Dad challenges his feisty Pug to a duel, the results are hilarious! You seriously need to watch and find out what happens between these two!

Of course, with an adorable cute and furry face like this Pug's, concentrating on winning a duel suddenly becomes a lot harder!

Check out how this feisty Pug goes up against his owner in this hilarious video on the next page!

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