(Video) This Frenchie Puppy’s Very First Bath Makes Me Go “Aww” and Then “Aww” Some More!


Experiencing things for the first time is pretty amazing, especially when a puppy is involved! Seeing a curious puppy explore their new homes for the first time or maybe tasting their new favorite treat is just the cutest thing to witness! LOL!

Wait until you get a load of this! This Frenchie is experiencing his first bath, and it's absolutely darling! When you see how cute he looks with his rubber ducky in tow, your heart will melt!

Seriously, just watch this! The second half of this video gets even furrier and even cuter! You'll be saying “Aww” more times than you can count!

Check out what happens when this adorable Frenchie puppy takes his first bath on the cute video on the next page!

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