(VIDEO) This Pug Freak Out Has Me in a Fit of Giggles. Watch for Yourself to See What I Mean! LOL!

pug scream

Life with a dog is filled with adventure and, often, the unknown. Until they’ve grown, we cannot be altogether certain how they will react at a given moment and, even when they are adults, they can still surprise you!

Case in point is a certain Chihuahua, who always detested cats. One day a friend came over with her young feline. We panicked immediately, know what was going to happen, but then — after a barrage of barks – the pooch was fine.

He walked over to his dog bed, curled up, and went to sleep. The cat and his reaction were a bigger deal to their human parents than the dog himself. Wow!

Then we have the Pug over on the next page. He is a mysterious puggy beast with an attitude that is both anticipatory and excited.

What does he want exactly? Why is he so animated? We suggest you take a look and decide for yourself!

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