(Video) When GoPro is Left on a Lab Home Alone, Watch What it Captures

GoPro pup

When we were kids, we always loved being left at home by ourselves. We had free reign of the TV, the toys and the snacks! It was a dream! Even if we were well-behaved children, we were always tempted to make some bad decisions when home alone. How would our parents ever find out?

I think our dogs feel the same way!

Well, these doggy parents conducted a little experiment on their Labrador Retriever named Daisy. They took parenting to a whole other level by GoPro-ing their entire house while they went for a seemingly innocent trip to Starbucks. When Daisy is left home alone, you might be surprised to find that her actions are hilariously similar to that of a human child left at home by himself!

After the break, take a look at what kinds of trouble Daisy gets into when she's left home alone! Thanks to the cameras, you'll be cracking up!

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