(Video) This Sweet Pug Just Wants to Go on Her Walk. When Mom Starts Talking to Her? How She Responds is Priceless!

pug walk

Doggies have lots of simple pleasures in their lives. Anything from a nap to a small chew toy can brighten up their day.

For this Pug, her greatest pleasure in life is going for a walk! Of course, her owner wants to make her happy and make that happen for her! LOL!

When you see how this pooch reacts to her mother's encouragement, you'll totally melt. The excitement you see in this Pug's eyes when she knows she gets to go on her walk is just too adorable to miss.

It's impossible not to love how happy a doggy gets over the smallest things in life!

Watch how excited this Pug gets when she hears that she is going on a walk on the video on the next page!

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