(Video) This Video Compilation of Doggies and Cats Wearing Shoes is Hilarious!


When we first saw this video it reminded us of human babies wearing shoes for the first time. In retrospect, how often did we look down at our feet then up at the parents, wondering what they had just done to us?!

It appears that some of these shoes work better than others. There was at least one dog in there that did not seem bothered by his new paw-wear at all!

Honestly, we do not know whether we should laugh or cry for these poor pets. If a dog or cat can look embarrassed most of these furry family members seem to be showing it in bundles!

“What is wrong with you, putting us in these things!?” their manners seem to ask. One day someone is going to have to do a follow-up video, showing their relief when they are set free from the accursed shoes!

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