(Video) Watching This Pug Puppy Learn His First Trick is Like Eating a Really Tasty Piece of Candy – Too Cute!

tiny pug puppy guppy

Training a puppy can be loads of fun! Especially when you've got a super fun-loving and energetic pooch! LOL!

While a puppy may find it hard to concentrate for very long during training, it's very much possible to teach them something new. In this cute video, one adorable Pug named Guppy is getting a mini training lesson by his new owner.

This has got to be the tiniest and most adorable pooch you'll see today! When Guppy tries to learn this impressive trick, you'll be shocked at how determined he is! You won't be able to get enough of Guppy the Pug!

Watch how Guppy the Pug tries to learn a very impressive trick with his new owners on the video on the next page!

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