Go Behind the Scenes During a Day in the Life of Two French Bulldog Sisters

Frenchies Molly and Kira

Are you curious to see what life is like for a day according to two adorable French Bulldogs?

Well, now you can see for yourself! Molly and Kira are two fun pups that love spending their days together. In this behind the scenes video, Molly and Kira show you how they play, what tricks they can perform, and how much they love their dad.

They're very excited to show you their daily routine! Watch them run around together and get into trouble. You'll fall in love with these friendly Frenchies as they show you around their house.

Get to know them by watching them spend a day on camera. They're too cute and after watching them, I bet you'll want a Frenchie for yourself too!

Watch how Kira and Molly, the Frenchies, spend a day at home and melt our hearts simultaneously after the break.

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