(Video) 3 Pugs That Remind Us of The Three Musketeers Are Ready for Adventures and Tell Mom in a Vocal Way!

3 clever pugs

One for all and all for… snack!

When it comes to anticipation all you have to do, if you are looking for a definition, is look on the face of a pug! They are willing to do just about anything for a little treat. They will lay down, sit, shake hands and, oh yes, even speak!

Well, at least one of them will!

Check out these three handsome doggies over on the next page. All three are bright and waiting for their next adventure. All they need is word from momma!

Watch as they gather for their clandestine meeting, paying attention to the words she says, then see the payoff! A truly cute reckoning that is more rewarding for some than others!

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