(VIDEO) A Pug Wants a Hug Really Bad. What He Does to Get That Hug? Insane!

Pug and Pink Scarf

A dog’s behavior is not so irregular that we cannot anticipate certain things from Rover. In other words, when we come home from a long day at work we can usually expect our doggy to greet us at the door, tail wagging, and maybe he’ll bring us his favorite toy just to show how much he’s missed us during the day.

In return, sometime during the day, our pooch expects love, kisses, pets and hugs from us. It’s a lovely exchange and certainly one any dog owner is happy to comply with.

On the next page, we have a pup who has learned to cut out the middle man! When he wants a hug he does not wait for his Mommy or Daddy to bend down to pick him up. It’s a sincerely economical process that is great on a human’s back but probably not on her clothes!

Go check this adorable Pug pup out! 

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