(Video) Owner Tells Bull Mastiff to Go to Bed, Dog’s Defiance Has Us Rolling With Laughter

Bull Mastive No Cage

When our puppies are young, full of vigor and easy to please, we love them with all of our hearts. Still, when we hear them whine in the middle of the night we often long for the days when they will get a little older and a bit more independent.

Be careful what you wish for. With independence comes stubbornness and there is no better an example of a spoiled, pampered pooch than on the next page. He is a growing Bull Mastiff and very handsome. You just have to look at the big guy to know he is pedigree. Yet, he is also absolutely willful now that he is no longer that cute little baby.

He wants to stay up and awake and no amount of verbal urging is going to get him into his crate for a good night sleep! Go over to the next page and take a look at this handsome hunk of puppy.

You will laugh at his stubbornness just as he is no doubt laughing at his Dad’s attempts at getting him into his crate!

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