(Video) This Dog Got Adopted 4 Years Ago. Now Watch What Happens When Some Old Friends Walk Through the Door..

Samo and Psck

It was four years ago, as of March in 2016, that Samo – a lovely Labrador – was adopted from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho! Her pet parents were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time and have since married.

They love their little (then big!) gal but felt she was missing out on something special. After all, she was not the only puppy in the shelter at that time. She and some brothers and sisters who were also adopted out.

So, they organized a reunion with her and her siblings. Samo hadn't seen them since she was adopted at 8 weeks old, when the group was called The Adams Family! Contact made, half of the doggie family made it to the reunion at Happy Paws in NYC!

After the break, go over to the next page and see how they all did, what changes time made, and if the reunion was happy or pure chaos! You will enjoy this one, folks! We sure did!

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