(VIDEO) When a Baby Cries, a Sweet Dog Rushes to the Scene and Does THIS to Try and Cheer Her Up. Aww!

dog rushing to a baby's side

As long as there are babies there is going to be crying babies. And, although it does not need to be said, none of us are so cruel that we like to hear a baby cry. It rattles the ears and often we cannot understand what exactly the little one is crying about!

If you think it ‘s hard for us as humans to hear a baby cry, you can only imagine what it is like for a small dog. We have to wonder if they equate it with their own puppies yipping or do they understand at all what is going on?

A dog may not fully figure out what is happening in that moment, but I think he does register that the baby doing the crying is upset. More often than not a dog wishes he could help a little one who's upset feel better.

So, what can a dog do to quiet the screams and perhaps make a child happy once more? See what this pooch does after the break. It’s truly adorable!

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