(Video) Yorkie Puppy Playfully Attacks Baby and No One Saw it Coming – LOL!

baby and yorkie

Babies and puppies: Is there any better, more lovable combination out there? Even the most delicious cookies and milk can't possibly top the cuteness that results from watching babies and puppies interact.

There's something so endearing to see 2 small, innocent beings play and connect. They might even have some sort of telepathic connection in their young age as they absorb the world together.

To me, the greatest thing is knowing that they'll be able to grow up together! Not only does it teach kids about the responsibility of taking care of another being, but it also instills a respect for animals.

Even if a baby is allergic to dogs, there are always hypoallergenic options like poodles and Maltese.

This Yorkie puppy and baby boy are clearly a match made in heaven. Watch as they try to figure one another out!

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