The Way This Sweet Boyfriend Tells His Girlfriend He Got Her a Pug for Her Birthday is Swoon Worthy

cute baby pug

One lucky girl got the best birthday present ever! When you see what her boyfriend got her, your heart will melt! Find out how he did it! It's too sweet!

Claire Halleran, a 21-year-old college student in Scotland, wanted a pug for years.
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Her boyfriend, Daniel Smith, whom she’s been dating since they were 14, knew this all too well.

So, for her 21st birthday on Thursday, Smith gave his girlfriend the best card pretty much ever:

via: Buzzfeed

And the couple has already picked out a name for the little guy: Dwight, after their favorite character from The Office.

Talk about cute! We just can't get over how they named him Dwight! LOL! That has got to be our favorite character from The Office too! LOL!

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