(Video) This Doggie Takes Sitting to a Whole Nother Level. Get a Load of This! LOL!

dog sitting on his butt

Isn't it funny when doggies act a lot like humans? They mimic humans in hilarious ways. It's incredible to see how observant they are! LOL!

This funny Frenchie decides to sit like a human! When you see the way he sits on his butt, you're going to laugh! I promise you that you've never seen anything quite like this pooch before!

When you see the reaction he makes to getting filmed, it will make your heart melt! His face is priceless! LOL!

Don't let another moment go by without witness this incredibly doggy moment! Who knew that a canine could mimic a human so well! This is too funny!

On the video after the break, watch how Percy the Frenchie redefines what it means to “sit”!

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