You Can’t Help But Fall in Love With Stewie the Baby Pug — He’s SO Precious!

Stewie the pug

There are some baby pugs you just can't get enough of, and Stewie the pug is certainly one of those puppies. When you look into this pug's eyes, you can't help but fall in love with him. His every move and the way he plays with his ball is SO precious!

As he walks over to the ball, he does so with such wonder and curiosity. Everything to Stewie is incredible as he encounters everything for the first time.

This adorable pug is only 2-months-old after all, and he has the whole as his little paws.

His mom is so sweet to him too! She encourages him to play with his ball by gently handing it to him and then taking it away from him, encouraging him to come and get it. He takes the bait and moves toward the ball — every look along the way is full of amazement.

You'll be in awe over this darling pug — just watch him encounter a ball and love everything about it after the break.

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