(Video) This Frenchie Puppy’s First Day at Home is Off the Charts Adorable! He’s So Mischievous Too, LOL!

juka Frenchie at home

Home sweet home! That's the familiar saying we all know and can definitely relate to. Anytime we're far away from home for a long time, some of us might start to get homesick and long for the place we like to call our own.

Well, puppies can definitely agree with that statement! After much waiting, this Frenchie is adopted and taken home for the first time! Meet Juka the adorable Frenchie!

You'll totally fall in love with him as he prances around his new home. It looks like he's already getting into some trouble! LOL! You're totally going to love seeing Juka play!

Watch Juka the adorable Frenchie experience his first day in his new home on the next page!

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