12 Signs That’ll Reveal You’re an Obsessed Pug Person… and Damn Proud of It!

hugging a pug

7. Obviously, you and your precious pug love to cuddle and sleep together at night.

sleeping with a baby pug

Via TimmyGUNZ / Flickr

8. And when your pug falls asleep on you, you can't move a muscle! She's just too precious as she sleeps on you to wake up! Besides, you love the excuse to get some extra zzz's in too. 

pug sleeping on a person

Via Brendangates / Flickr

9. In fact, you can't wait until it's the weekend because that means you'll get to spend every moment relaxing and sleeping with your pug. It's countdown time! Only 82 hours until the weekend to go…

pug sleeping with stuffed animal

Via trophygeek / Flickr

Hmm… I Think We Have An Obsessed Pug Owner On Our Hands! But Wait — There's Still More Signs You Should Be Aware Of Next! 

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