The Real Reason Why a Dog Tilts His Head to the Side is Surprising. Who Would Have Thought!

dog tilting his head

Every afternoon, as I hold my dog's leash and harness, I ask my him “Do you want to go for a walk?” Even though I know the answer, I ask the question anyway because his response his too cute.

His ears perk up and his head tilts to the right side. I'll also make embarrassing whale noises (like the ones Dory makes in Finding Nemo) simply because I love watching my dog's head tilt from one side to the other.

Just like humans, dogs tilt their heads for a reason. It's a way to communicate with us since they can't speak. But how exactly can we translate the head tilt into words?

I used to think it was a quizzical look as if they were saying, “I'm trying to understand you, but I don't speak your language.” After I learned what the head tilt truly indicates, it all makes sense!

Continue on to learn the surprising meaning behind your dog's adorable head tilt!

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