11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

Since a dog is a pet that automatically means you can tease him, right? Nope! Some dogs are very playful and it's okay to have a bit of fun, but for others, a lot of teasing can lead to serious behavior issues down the road and possibly even aggressiveness.

11. Teasing

Don't bark at a dog as you pass it on the street. Don't wave or talk to a dog that is barking at you from behind a window or door. Don't pull on a dog's tail. It's not funny to the dog and can lead to some serious behavioral problems — and, perhaps deservedly, you getting to sport some new dog-shaped teeth marks.

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By now you've likely learned a lot about your pooch and other dogs. Just like humans have everyday annoyances, so do dogs! It's best to avoid what you find bothers your dog the most, but let's face it, you do some things because you love your fur child and want her to be happy.

Just keep in mind how a dog may “see” a human action differently, such as teasing or inconsistent discipline. You know your doggy best and you should always be willing to continue to learn and grow. There are more ways for you to continue to improve being the best pet parent there is!

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