11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

Aww… isn't hugging your sweet doggy nice?! I love hugging my dog… but she doesn't always love hugging me back. LOL, you know what I mean. To a dog, a hug isn't always received well, and it all has to do with dominance. Yup, unfortunately, that word has to come into play. Find out why:

2. Hugging your dog

While you might love wrapping your arms around a furry canine friend, most dogs hate hugs. We as primates think hugs are awesome and express support, love, joy and other emotions through hugs. No matter your intentions with hugging, a dog is hardwired to view the act of hugging as you exerting your dominance.

If you’re wondering if your dog hates your hugs, just pay attention to her body language when you go in for a cuddle. Does she tense up? Lean her head away from you? Avoid even a hint of eye contact? Lick her lips? Keep her mouth closed? Pull her ears back against her head? All of these are signs that a dog is uncomfortable.

woman hugging her dog

It turns out there are other things you may be doing that are driving your doggy nuts. Not all dogs feel this way, but most don't like this affectionate behavior either that we'll discuss next.

On the next page discover the best way to show your doggy lots of love as opposed to doing THIS common behavior that most dog owners think is okay (myself included up until now).

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