11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

If you've taught your children to ask someone before petting their dog, then bravo! If you haven't, well, it's never too late to change their behaviors. The truth is you never know how a dog may respond to eye contact and touching them. When any dog is threatened he may react in fear. Which in worse case scenario, if a dog is frightened, it may involve his teeth. And your dog is no exception if strangers test his limits, so remember what sets your dog off!

4. Walking up to a strange dog while looking her in the eye

Either way, for most dogs, a stranger looking it right in the eye while approaching is not a comfortable situation.

If you want to say hello to a new dog in a way that is comfortable for both of you, approach with your body angled slightly (not with your shoulders squared toward the dog), your eyes slightly averted, and speak quietly with a gentle voice. All these body language cues of friendship will help a dog understand you mean no harm. The dog might still want nothing to do with you, but at least you didn’t approach in a scary way that could cause a defensive or aggressive reaction.

upset dog

Besides just teaching your kids the rules about your dog and other dogs, don't forget about teaching your doggy rules too!

Find out what you're not doing that's actually annoying your pooch big time next.

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