11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

You think you're stressed out… if you take a break from feeling the angst and glance down at Fido perhaps you'll find those troublesome thoughts melt away. What you'll likely see is a concerned dog that's more anxiety wridden than you because he cares for you that much!

9. Being tense

The more stressed and wound-up you are, the more stressed and wound-up your dog is. And dogs, just like us, don’t like that feeling. You might roll your eyes, but the next time your dog is acting frustrated and tense, check in with yourself — have you been feeling that way for the last few minutes, for the last few hours, or the last few days? Your dog might just be acting as your mirror. If you need a reason to meditate, helping your dog calm down is a great one.

stressed out dog

In addition to your dog dealing with your stress, there are other moods that can affect him as well. Do you find yourself so busy that there's no time for Fido?

No one is perfect, but it's likely these doggy actions are your dog's way of telling you something very important that you need to fix pronto…

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