11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

There are times when you get frustrated, and you may try to mask what you are feeling with your voice. Even though you attempt to ask your pooch to do something in a nice tone, he may take it differently because he's observing your body language and voice as a whole instead. It's hard to hide how you feel, but do your best to get it together before asking something of your beloved pooch. Otherwise, you're going to confuse him completely.

1. Using words more than body language

Dogs have evolved to be expert readers of the human body and can figure out what you’re thinking and feeling before you even realize you’re thinking and feeling it. But we can easily send mixed signals if we are only paying attention to what our mouths are saying and not what our bodies are saying. If you go to any beginning dog training class, you’ll see plenty of people saying one thing, doing another, and a confused dog trying to figure out what in the world is wanted of them.

pug head tilt

Believe it or not, but some forms of affection drive Fido crazy! Find out what you're doing that you need to stop right away on the next page. I was surprised about this one! 

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